Ginny Capo


Ginny Capo is a home designer focusing on specialty construction and interior design which she operates under her company, Capo Construct Design. Because of her hands on approach and in depth understanding of the construction process, she is able to pragmatically marry the client's desired aesthetics and home's functionality, both inside and outside. Her ability to truly understand her client’s lifestyles and the importance design plays in their day-to-day professional and personal lives has enabled her to work on a diverse range of projects including a Los Angeles home remodel and kitchen studio buildout for celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre, a complete home renovation in the Hamptons, NY and a New York City brownstone redesign to name a few.  

She's a firm believer that you need the proper foundation before the pretty stuff happens.



Ginny Capo

Ginny Capo and Alfie at their Santa Monica home.